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Duo-Gard’s April Newsletter

Duo-Gard’s April newsletter highlights several projects and interesting information on May’s Bike Month. Learn how the new Duo-Gard translucent canopy is providing exciting aesthetics to Georgia’s Moultrie Tech campus and how Detroit is investing in public transportation. READ MORE

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Duo-Gard March Newsletter

Article titles in our March newsletter are “New Bus Shelters Help Shape the Future for Metro Transit” and “Brewery Goes to the Dogs with Duo-Gard System”. Sound interesting? Click here to learn more about these 2 great projects as well […]

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I’m curious about something…

After 30-plus years of working with architects, there’s something I still don’t understand: Why do so many architects wait until the last minute to include product manufacturers in their design process? Is it lack of awareness of what the manufacturer […]

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New Bike Depot by Duo-Gard

New Bike Depot by Duo-Gard

New Bike Depot by Duo-Gard Enhances Security with Interior Installation The new Bike Depot can be engineered with walls and roofs of tempered glass, shatterproof polycarbonate or stainless steel mesh, depending on the degree of security the customer wants. Read […]

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"These canopies help create a formal gateway to the stadium. We were looking for luminosity that would act as a visual foil to the steel and masonry."

Mark Peters, AIA:HNTB Corp. of Kansas City MO