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Duo-Gard’s New Van-Gard Bike Shelter Press Release

Duo-Gard Industries Inc. has added a new model to the company’s growing line of bicycle shelters. Named the Van-Gard, the shelter’s initial installation is at State University of New York at Geneseo, a premier liberal arts institution. The Van-Gard is the 11th addition to its standard bike shelter models for Duo-Gard, a leading innovator in outdoor structures and daylighting systems.

SUNY Geneseo’s choice is a classic style with the contemporary twist of solar lighting. Located outside the dining hall, the shelter is a unique addition for the university, according to engineer Earl Bailey, project manager at Hunt Engineers, Architects & Land Surveyors in Rochester, New York. “This is the first of its kind on campus, and we’re very proud of it,” he said.

The shelter’s design integrates architectural aesthetics with the security of solar lighting. The curved roof was created with laser-cut aluminum plates welded into the arched rafter assemblies. Translucent glazing is 8mm clear multiwall polycarbonate in a batten style. Structural framing, painted in a custom blue, was built with 3 ½” diameter round aluminum extrusions. Duo-Gard selected a new all-in-one, flat panel, mast-mounted solar module for illumination. The unit is capable of swiveling in the desired southerly direction to achieve maximum efficiency. Like all Duo-Gard shelters, the Van-Gard model is specifically engineered for area wind and snow loads.

Solar lighting was a critical element. Bailey, responsible for researching shelter solutions, said the university wanted to accommodate students with safety and security as well as bike parking convenience. The 9’ x 16’ shelter holds 14 bikes.

Another important element of the project was its contribution to sustainability’s call for increasing alternative transportation efforts. “As one of the most environmentally responsible colleges in the United Stated and Canada as recognized by The Princeton Review , Geneseo is committed to sustainability and responsible stewardship of our planet’s resources,” said Kristina Hannam, associate professor of biology and co-chair of the college’s President’s Commission on Sustainability.

Michael Arvidson, Duo-Gard’s executive vice president, said SUNY Geneseo joins a growing list of clients at educational facilities. “We’re proud to see our bike shelters as a component of an environmentally aware approach to alternative transportation at America’s schools and universities,” he added.

The Van-Gard bike shelter is available in standard sizes from 9’x12’ to 9’x36’ as well as custom. The company’s shelters are designed to address specific bike parking needs and adhere to APBP guidelines.

Photo:  Courtesy of SUNY Geneseo

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