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Performance with versatility.
Would you like to create interior privacy as you channel the flow of diffused light and soften the sounds in today’s environments? Create unique, high-end interior solutions with an affordable approach.

Interior Products

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Custom-engineered translucent systems:

  • Walls for interior/exterior/combination
  • Suspended or shaped ceilings
  • Moveable partitions/dividers
  • Dramatic backdrops
  • Panels of all types
  • Skylight baffles
  • Signature signage
  • LEED contributing

High performance with polycarbonates & framings:

  • Seamless expanses – no mullions
  • Mount to steel or wood studs
  • CC1 – Class A rated options
  • Backlighting appeal
  • New colors, textures, combinations
  • Elegant curves & corners
  • Relocate as needed
  • Programmable LEDs
  • Custom panels to 39 ft.
  • Light manipulation

We offer system and design recommendations through installation. To learn more, contact our team today at 734.207.9700.

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Interior Products

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"I've worked with polycarbonate before, and it's an economical way of adding visual privacy while maintaining the flow of filtered light."

"I like using today's polycarbonate. It's new for some folks, and they don't know how easy it is to work with. This material has a combination of value plus appearance." Derek Norton, AIA: Ritter Architects