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Bike Shelters & Parking

We’re a world leader in the marketplace for a reason. We’ve applied our knowledge and experience to develop a variety of standard bike shelter models including architectural designed shelters. If you’d like to go in a different direction, we’re happy to collaborate with you to create any conceivable size, shape and look you desire. At Duo-Gard, a custom structure doesn’t necessarily mean a custom price.

Parachute ModelDuo-Gard Bike Shelter Oasis ModelDuo-Gard Bike Shelter Butterfly ModelDuo-Gard Bike Shelter
Haven Model
Duo-Gard Bike Shelter
Arch Model
Duo-Gard Bike Shelter
Apex Model
Duo-Gard Bike Shelter
Spokes Model
Duo-Gard Bike Shelter
Sol Model
Harbor ModelDuo-Gard Bike Shelter
Sentry Model
Duo-Gard Bike Shelter
Van-Gard Model
Duo-Gard Bike Shelter
Sentinel ModelBucks County Justice Center, PA
Arlington Model
Duo-Gard Bike Shelter
Custom Model
Duo-Gard Bike Shelter
Bike Racks & Parking
Bike Depot
Duo-Gard Bike Shelter
Duo-Gard Bike Shelter

Bike Shelter Standard Features

  • Thirteen standard models
  • Pre-engineered
  • Cost-effective bike storage solution
  • Shelters constructed with readily   available, standard materials
  • Bike racks integrated into shelter design on selected models
  • Designed to address specific bike parking needs
  • Standard & solar lighting options

Find out why we’ve been a leader and innovator in outdoor structures for over 30 years. Call and speak with one of our specialists at 734.207.9700 today.