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Bus & Transit Shelters

Roof Style Selections

     Reverse Barrel Vault Duo-Gard Bus Shelter                                            Barrel VaultDuo-Gard Bus Shelter                             
                Single-SlopeDuo-Gard Bus Shelter                         Custom Duo-Gard Bus Shelter

Duo-Gard Bus Shelter
                            HipDuo-Gard Bus Shelter
                             GableDuo-Gard Bus Shelter                            Flat
Duo-Gard Bus Shelter

     Bus Rapid Transit SheltersDuo-Gard Bus Shelter

Achieve These Results

  • Contribute to sustainability
  • Increase ridership potential
  • Create a workable budget
  • Enhance your city’s image
By Teaming With Duo-Gard

  • Shelter specialists since 1984
  • Engineered for your climate
  • Value-engineered for your goals
  • Installation services nationwide

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