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Strength for success.

Staff engineers at Duo-Gard are integral members of the Design Team for all our products – whether you want skylights or shelters – starting with the initial review.

Value Engineering
At Duo-Gard, we alert you to glazing, framing and design alternatives you may not even be aware of – alternatives that save money, enhance aesthetics and raise performance levels – all without compromising the integrity of your design. We want to ensure that you don’t pay for features you don’t need or want. That’s a good thing, right?

Glazing Selection
Current technology provides an amazing array of aesthetic and performance options. We continuously monitor and evaluate this technology on a global basis, working with the world’s top extruders. As the industry’s leading systems integrator, we have unlimited access to the exciting advances. You get the benefit of our review and recommendations, based specifically on your design. You tell us what you want and we tell you how we’ll achieve it.  Read more…

Duo-Gard also provides complimentary daylight modeling services. Contact the team at 734-207-9700.


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