IMG_1901 engineering team

Constructed with confidence and care.

The designer’s dream becomes reality in the shop. Will the finished system meet your expectations? We take steps to make sure it does in both our manufacturing locations in Canton and Westland, Michigan.

All of our production specialists are specifically trained in the intricacies of working effectively with multiwall polycarbonates. This glazing material requires special expertise in handling for systems construction. Most of them have been Duo-Gardians for many years, gaining experience producing a wide range of daylighting systems, canopies, shelters and specialty enclosures for sites across the country. They come from diverse backgrounds as building contractors, aluminum fabricators, carpenters, manufacturers.

Our fabricators work closely with team members in engineering, quality assurance and shipping to ensure that the system you receive is just what you envisioned.

Contact the team and learn more about our comprehensive services package, including complimentary daylight modeling services. Call 734-207-9700.

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