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Final step to satisfaction.

Every Duo-Gard system is designed and engineered for easy installation by  your team or ours.

Some can be field-fabricated at the site. Some are shipped in prefabricated sections. Some will arrive completely assembled. Depends on the system size, shipping method required, your request and your application.

Every system comes with complete written installation instructions, and technical support is always available from both our engineers and our shop. At your request, we can also provide on-site tech support.

Or we can offer a turnkey system with installation included. Duo-Gard’s team includes staff and contractors thoroughly familiar with our systems and the most effective procedures for installing them. In addition to our own specialists, we work with experienced contractors around the country, union or non-union.

Contact the team and learn more about our comprehensive services package, including complimentary daylight modeling services. Call 734-207-9700.

Call: 734-207-9700

Comprehensive Services Package