Custom Pergola Provides Shade and Respite for Glover Park Sports Complex

Visitors who enter the new Glover Park sports complex in Glen Allen VA are welcomed with a plaza dominated by a striking structure which provides shade and a place of respite. This unique custom pergola was designed by Warner Larson Landscape Architects and engineered by Duo-Gard Industries.

The 100’x90’ plaza reflects the importance of this sports facility and the late county supervisor Richard W. Glover’s contribution to the Henrico County community. A memorial plaque alerts visitors to this. The pergola plays an important role.

“We knew we wanted shade, along with something breathtaking and not typical,” says Ti Johnson, associate principal, ASLA, LEED AP. “The pergola is modern and contemporary, integrating textures and materials that create visual interest.”

Much of that visual interest for the 40’x18’6”x12’ structure is created by a roof of Parasoleil architectural metal panels. The aluminum panels, designed to “filter and sculpt light” result in shadows and shapes that enhance the pergola’s presence. Powder-coated in a shade of brown called Umbra, the panels are supported by galvanized steel columns in a dark gray Tnemec finish.

On the long sides of the pergola, rather than standard rectangular overhangs, the architects decided on 2’x4’ headers with 3/16” stainless steel airline cables to create more visual interest.

Johnson says a challenge was whether Duo-Gard could work the Parasoleil panels into its support system. “Our engineers assured us this would not present any problem,” says Lori Arvidson, outdoor structures sales. “Accommodating such custom requirements is one of our specialties.”

Time frame for the project was tight, according to Johnson. “The Duo-Gard team stuck its neck out and promised fast delivery. This required communication and collaboration with Parasoleil. It was close, but Duo-Gard met it.”

Occupying 33 acres of a 200-acre property in northwestern Henrico County, Glover Park is a tournament-quality sports complex that will serve residents and visitors. The welcome plaza  and its stunning pergola designed by Warner Larson play a critical part.

Johnson says his firm and the client, Henrico  Recreation and Parks, are happy with the result: “Our perception is that this is a positive thing for both the park and the public.”

Photos courtesy of Warner Larson Landscape Architects.

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