Duo-Gard’s Compact Bike Racks Provide High Density and High Security

Solve the two most critical issues in bicycle parking with Duo-Gard’s compact bike racks. Available in both a knocked-down model and a fully welded assembly, these racks provide the most compact and secure way to fit the most bikes in your space for a single level, horizontally parked option.

“These racks offer the answer to the two common concerns we hear from our customers when planning effective and efficient bicycle parking: How can we maximize our density and security?” says Sean McKnight, Duo-Gard’s bicycle infrastructure program manager. “And the economy of our knocked-down option saves on shipping costs, providing the perfect complement for those looking for the most cost-effective solution.”

Both models feature staggered wheel well heights which allow bikes to be spaced only 12 inches apart, half that of typical bicycle rack spacing. A recycled plastic wrap protects a bike’s finish at the locking bar. The locking bar design allows both the front wheel and bike frame to be locked with a single “U” style lock for security.

Duo-Gard’s knocked-down, Compact Flat Pack rack includes all necessary installation and mounting hardware. All mechanical fasteners are installed from beneath the base rails of the rack, making it impossible for vandals to reach the fasteners without removing the bicycle rack mounting anchors from the concrete first. The Compact Fully Welded model is mounted on rails for easy anchoring and does not require any mechanical fasteners.

Finishes include galvanized and powder coat for the Compact Flat Pack. The Fully Welded model is also available in stainless steel.

“These space-savers are ideal for educational communities, corporate campuses, apartment communities and other commercial applications where space is at a premium,” McKnight says. “They address a need that more organizations today are recognizing.”

These racks join Duo-Gard’s 250+ solutions for the biking community, including exterior and interior bike shelters, rooms, cages, lockers and more. McKnight added that Duo-Gard collaborates with customers from the beginning by offering a free guide to developing effective bike parking and storage.

Learn more about the company’s comprehensive approach at www.duo-gard.com and talk with our biking experts at 734-207-9700.

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