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Canopies | Walkways

Our reputation for innovation in canopies and covered walkways goes all the way back to our founding in 1984. Custom design results can be achieved through Duo-Gard’s proven construction system.

VA Lubbock Clinic, TX

Sleekline Monolithic Canopies

1502 1 DSC3729 1 1024x698

Translucent Canopies

Big Cove Elementary School Huntsville AL Resize 1024x669

Covered & Enclosed Walkways

Greenville Oaks 3x42

Metal Canopies


Duo-Gard offers standard and custom bike shelters, bus shelters, smoking shelters and specialty structures in a wide range of sizes, styles and prices. We know you want structures with functionality, distinctive aesthetics and superior performance and the Duo-Gard designers, engineers and fabricators have been achieving all this since 1984 – all with emphasis on economy, durability and quality.

Bike Shelters


Bike Parking, Storage & Racks

4 Metropolitan Council BRT 1024x682

Bus Shelters

Smoking Shelters2

Smoking Shelters

Tonys Market Cart Corral 1024x680

Cart Corrals

Cincinnati Childrens Hospital 3x4

Specialty Structures

Translucent Daylighting

Duo-Gard’s translucent polycarbonate walls and interior applications provide key elements for daylighting. The most significant daylighting benefit is diffused daylighting. Our infrared filtering technology eliminates 20% of the heat without sacrificing light transmission and is 100% recyclable.

1 Shawnee Mission Health 1 1024x480

Translucent Walls

Droga 5 4 3x41

Translucent Interiors