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Duo-Gard’s CycleStation™ is an intelligent, secure bicycle parking structure designed to facilitate bicycle commuting. It’s for real people who use their own bikes to ride to & from work, for recreation, or to simply get around town. It offers revenue-generating components and it’s designed to be networked with multiple CycleStations™. The ability to combine the CycleStation™ with a bike share program gives access to anyone who’d like to utilize bicycling as a mode of transportation.


How it Works

Our CycleStation™ Program includes design, database planning, software, program administration, training, structures & installation. CycleStations™ are modular & can be customized to your specific needs.

  • Available plans include a one day, monthly or annual pass
  • Register online or purchase a pass with a credit card
  • Download the CycleStation™ app on your smart phone
  • Use the app to locate a nearby CycleStation™ & to check availability
  • Take advantage of a bike share rental available by app or credit card
  • Scan your membership card to gain access to the CycleStation™
  • Park your bike & secure it with your own lock


Revenue Generating Service and Amenity Options

  • User Fees – Owner/Operator sets their own membership rates
  • Sponsorship & Advertising – Similar to bus shelters, the CycleStation™ offers advertising assets that can be used for sponsorship & advertising sales or for public messages
  • Bicycle education & encouragement programs
  • Self-service air & repair station
  • Bicycle rentals & bike share
  • Lockers & vending machines
  • Electric vehicle charger


Benefit You and Your Community

  • Bridge the first & last mile gaps that separate trip origins & destinations from transit service
  • Enable alternative transportation
  • Receive a consistent return on investment
  • Provide safety & security to cyclists
  • Protect expensive equipment
  • Store from 10-100 bikes
  • Enhance your public spaces
  • Utilize solar power
  • Contribute to sustainability
  • Work toward LEED points


Creating Spaces in Harmony

  • Turnkey solution from design through installation
  • Complete operation systems expertise
  • Design focused to your specific project
  • High performance technologies integrated into projects
  • Standard lighting or solar LEDs/PVs
  • Custom design, glazing & framing colors
  • Engineer-stamped designs available
  • Coordination, delivery & installation nationwide

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Bike Shelter I CycleStation™