Haven Bike Shelter

Duo-Gard's Haven Bike Shelter model provides....Duo-Gard provides 17 pre-engineered standard bike shelter styles featuring a variety of open-air and fully secured options. The sizes we offer are designed to maximize bike parking capacities based on best practices for effective bicycle parking and usage. We are the leading provider of custom bike shelters in North America and pride ourselves in our customization abilities and willingness to collaborate with our partners to reach their intended vision.

Complimentary Space Planning: Space is at a premium. As demand for bike parking grows, it’s vital to plan expertly and efficiently. We consider your requirements and apply our knowledge to develop parking layouts, determine capacities and suggest products that make sense. Our recommendations are based on APBP guidelines and best practices around the world..

Experience the difference of Together by Design with Achieve 360


Addresses specific bike parking

Cost Effective Bicycle Storage

Constructed with standard materials

Made with heavy gauge steel

Pre-engineered bike shelters

Modular design


Multiwall translucent polycarbonate in opal or clear

Variety of standard colors

Variety of custom colors

Kynar finish – 25 year warranty


Heavy gauge steel

Anchor – surface mounted

PE Stamps available in all of North America

Steel – 3-Coat Tnemec system including 2-part epoxy paint finish with zinc primer undercoat, or galvanized finish


Open, railing or fully enclosed wall panels

Door/Secure entry available


Safety glass

Mesh - stainless steel or aluminum

Perforated Metal

Cert Fab Full 1024x513 300x150

Haven Bike Parking Capacity

Test Capacity Chart

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