Translucent Canopy | Series 3800 Long-Span Canopy

Series 3800 Long-Span mullion based system is designed to provide for high levels of light transmission. Ideal for stadium applications, polycarbonate technology promotes healthy grass. The system’s ability to span long distances reduces costs by minimizing the need for structural steel. The structural capacity allows for architecturally attractive cantilevers. Designed and tested to withstand extreme wind and snow loading conditions.

Cert Fab Full
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Unique Features

  • Design with polycarbonate technology
  • UV stabilization on both sides of the panel provides protection from harmful ultraviolet rays
  • Low profile polycarbonate end caps provide easy water flow in low pitch environments
  • Low profile pressure plate eliminates shadowing
  • System 100% recyclable
  • Minimizes support purlins
  • Clean structural lines
  • Cantilevers
  • Low slope
  • No end channels for smooth visual transitions
  • Extremely durable
  • Incorporates a water management system that directs water to the desired location
  • The system accommodates a wide variety of panels- options selected based on project objectives

Turnkey Solutions

  • Design services ensure code compliance and material optimization
  • Estimates and budget pricing
  • Drawings and specifications
  • Ground-up structural engineering and fabrication in steel and aluminum
  • Glazing system engineering and fabrication
  • Installation services
  • Installation training and supervision

System Design

  • Stamped drawings & structural calculations in all 50 states
  • Structural analysis
  • Panel selection based on project objectives
  • Structurally tested

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