Engineered by Duo-Gard – Designed by You

Check out our translucent wall photo gallery. We’ve teamed with customers to develop a wide range of styles and sizes. Tell us what you need and we’ll work with you to achieve it.

Series 3500 has a tongue and groove connection point. Utilize various glazing panel widths, thicknesses and colors for a unique light diffusion aesthetics.


  • Translucent glazing panel thickness: 20mm and 40mm
  • NFRC certified vertical wall system
  • Standard and custom glazing colors include UV inhibitors co-extruded in panel.
  • Glazing panel lengths are continuous up to 50’ reducing horizontal breaks in wall design
  • Dry-glazed system, no caulk or butyl tape required on panel system
  • Modern seamless design aesthetics minimizes visible external framing

Daylight is both art and science. The art is in the design. The science is in the product selection. Let’s work together to create a daylight model to make certain we achieve the desired results.

System Design

  • Enjoy exceptional design flexibility with cellular polycarbonate technology
  • Gain diffuse natural light as you reduce the sun’s glare and heat gain
  • Add optional Lumira translucent aerogel for increased insulation
  • Add optional IR filter coating to reduce glare and heat gain
  • Design with lighting for spectacular architectural appeal
  • Take advantage of our complimentary daylight modeling services

System Components

  • Aluminum or steel structural components
  • Custom design for specific structural loading requirements
  • Stamped drawings and structural calculations in all 50 states

System Skins

  • Light weight, durable diffusion panels
  • Cellular polycarbonate provides excellent thermal resistance and light quality
  • Enhance performance with IR coating and/or Lumira aerogel
  • Custom colors available

From complex high-structure, high-efficiency, high-aesthetic systems to simple non-structural translucent panels, we engineer to your specs and your budget. What factors are most important: light transmittance, energy efficiency, aesthetics, cost – or all these? We’ll engineer your system without compromising any of them.

We offer system & design recommendations through installation. To learn more, contact our team today at 734.207.9700.

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