Sleekline Monolithic Canopy 

Series 3900 Sleekline is a patent monolithic translucent canopy system made from polycarbonate panels. The product is offered in various colors, textures, and transparencies. The design provides building canopies for both exterior and interior applications. The design is just as the name implies. This sleek canopy is the ideal complement to the building design. The system provides many design features not present in canopies made of glass or other typical materials. Sleekline is a patented product PAT NO. # 9982435.

For details on this system, please view the following e-books:

Design Standards SBC 1 Application

Design Standards SBC 1.5 Application

Design Standards SBC 2 Application

Unique Features

  • Panels run continuous for end to end without mullions or glazing channels for visual continuity
  • Our water flow system does not have an end channel and allows for a ½:12 pitch
  • This system is fully tested and can be designed to withstand any loading requirements
  • Polycarbonate will not shatter and has 250 times the impact strength of glass, creating a safer environment and lower maintenance cost
  • Sleekline maintains a sleek leading edge detail without raised battens
  • Structural span options provide design flexibility

Ideal Applications

  • Great cost savings substitute for glass
  • No panel breaks down the slope
  • Good for rectangular and fan type configuration
  • Good for cornering
  • Low slope applications
  • Cantilevers


Introducing Fusion. A new line by Duo-Gard that integrates 3form translucent polycarbonate glazing panels with Duo-Gard’s engineered structural systems to create advanced aesthetic possibilities in 102 color options, three finishes and three thicknesses.  Click here to learn how to add color to your next project!

Fusion Sample Request

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