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At Duo-Gard, We’re Never Satisfied with the Right Answer

We always look for the best answer – the one that solves your project’s design challenges with exceptional results in performance, aesthetics and value that achieve your goals. This involves a complex integration of advanced technology, creativity and innovation. In fact, our reputation for innovation in translucent canopies, daylighting systems and bike/bus/specialty structures goes all the way back to our founding in 1984. With more than 35 years of serving diverse architectural and design communities as well as facility management professionals, our team has gained experience and expertise that make us not only an early pioneer but a current leader in our industry. We investigate and evaluate technologies from around the world, then apply them in our systems to achieve unparalled benefits for our customers. learn more »

With Duo-Gard’s enthusiasm and spirit of experimentation, the partnership was tremendous… it was always about the possibilities with Duo-Gard… and they broadened possibilities for this project.

- James VanderMolen, AIA, LEED-AP, Design Architect, ITP Rapid Central Station in Grand Rapids MI

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We know how to make today’s translucent materials work effectively for you. Just as important, we know any limitations involved, and we alert you right upfront. The objective of our design team is to show you how to achieve your design goals in aesthetics, performance and economy. With this creative collaboration, our team reduces your costs while enhancing the performance and achieving the aesthetics so critical to your design.

We assist you by producing:
• Product selection
• Performance optimization
• Engineered structures
• Establishing budgets
• Drawings and specification


At Duo-Gard, we alert you to glazing, framing and design alternatives you may not even be aware of – alternatives that save money, enhance aesthetics and raise performance levels – all without compromising the integrity of your design. We want to ensure that you don’t pay for product features you don’t need or want.  Staff engineers at Duo-Gard are integral members of the Design Team for all our products. We help you save time developing designs, selecting products and confirming they work best for your project.


In addition to their resources of experience and expertise, our engineers have available the latest advances in technology to ensure your project incorporates the best technologies. As critical as the structural design is to your project, we can engineer it from the ground up in either aluminum or steel – all with in-house capabilities. We have design tools available for your use such as BIM and REVIT.


Our engineers are experts at integrating translucent materials, metal panels, natural ventilation, LED lighting, photovoltaics, structural metals, custom fixtures and glass. We are your partner working to making sure the project is a success.


Our fabricators work closely with team members in engineering, quality assurance and shipping to ensure that the system you receive is just what you envisioned. The designer’s dream becomes reality in the shop. Will the finished system meet your expectations? We take steps to make sure it does in our multiple manufacturing locations within Michigan. All of our production specialists are specifically trained in the intricacies of working effectively with all our materials. Creating technical synergies, we make sure that all material works in unison to produce an efficient and effective design.


Every Duo-Gard system is designed and engineered for easy installation. Some can be field-fabricated at the site. Some products are shipped in prefabricated sections. Some products will arrive completely assembled. Every system comes with complete written installation instructions, and technical support is always available from both our engineers and our shop. At your request, we can also provide on-site tech support. We can offer a turnkey system with installation included. Duo-Gard’s team includes staff and contractors thoroughly familiar with our systems and the most effective procedures for installing them. In addition to our own specialists, we work with experienced contractors around the country, union or non-union.