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Duo-Gard's AISC Certification

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What is AISC Certification?

Today, being AISC certified means that a company adheres to a rigorous, and often changing, set of standards of quality and safety. Duo-Gard has achieved a milestone by acquiring certification from the American Institute of Steel Construction. Only 13 firms in Michigan hold this distinction.

As the Institute explains it: “AISC Certification Programs set the quality standard for the structural steel industry and are the most recognized national quality certification program for the industry. Our programs focus on the entire process of fabrication and erection. Our goal is to build quality structures from the start by focusing on error prevention rather than error correction.”

Why is it important?

REDUCE COST – INCREASE PROFITABILITY: Improve the consistency of your operations: AISC Certification helps you reduce the risk of rework by requiring you to have measurable goals. Goals lead to modifying your documented production as well as your quality procedures which in turn reduces waste.

SPEED: Improve delivery time by taking the inspection schedule into your hands: IBC Chapter 1704.2.5.2 does not require special inspections where the work is done in the facilities or shop of a fabricator registered and approved. Inspections are performed by the fabricator instead of a third-party inspector resulting in a faster schedule. AISC Certification is frequently used by fabricators to obtain such approval from the building official.

QUALITY: Meet the specified level of quality by effective communication with your customer: AISC Certification requires you to have effective inspection record keeping. When these processes are part of your Quality Management System (QMS), you will have the information your customer needs.

  • What if a piece of steel delivered to the jobsite last week suddenly turns up damaged? Do you have the documentation to show that it was delivered to the site unharmed?
  • What if a coating system starts to peel? Do you have documentation regarding the surface preparation?

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