Bike Racks

Duo-Gard's extensive range of racks is designed to cater for virtually every type of application likely to be encountered. Whether for use in above or below ground parking, for 4 or 400 bicycles, Duo-Gard has a bicycle rack suitable.

Bike Lockers

Fully enclosed galvanized steel lockers provide the highest level of security (Class 1). While they are the most popular secure parking for cyclists, they are the most expensive bike parking option.

Bike Rooms & Indoor Parking

Create a Bike Friendly Environment. Taking advantage of our Complimentary Bike Parking Space Planning Services for indoor and outdoor applications.

Bike Cages

Duo-Gard's bicycle cages are designed to provide cyclists with excellent security for their bicycles. The cages can be provided as fully assembled unit or in flat pack (for shipping purposes) which can be easily assembled once on site.

Bike Repair Stations

Duo-Gard provides a range of bicycle repair and pump stations that are suitable for end-of-journey facilities, bicycle paths or any location where cyclists gather.

Scooter & Skateboard Racks

Communities across the country are encouraging children to adopt healthier lifestyles which has seen an increase in children riding their scooters to schools and sporting venues.


The Ultimate Secured Access Bicycle Management System for Property Managers, Commercial Property Owners & Municipalities! Our Secura-Gard System can handle everything from Program Set-up and Management to Maintenance & Collection Fees.