Series 3900 | Sleekline Canopy
  • Monolithic Polycarbonate Panels
  • Incorporate new Fusion panels –  available in 102 color options, three finishes and three thicknesses
  • Panels are 2 feet wide
  • Base channel options for greater spans.
  • Single panel lengths up to 40 feet.
  • Panel thicknesses are 1/4”, 3/8”, 1/2”.
  • Monolithic Polycarbonate Panels
  • Available in 102 colors as well as 3 finishes and thicknesses
  • Product options create unlimited design potential
  • Multiple options for light levels, diffusion levels and visibility levels
  • Ideal for performance-driven exterior applications
Series 2500 | Standing Seam Canopy
  • 20mm Cellular Polycarbonate Panels
  • Standing seam design aesthetic
  • Glazing is UV protected on both sides
  • Lightweight glazing systems require less canopy substructure, helping reduce overall costs
Series 3100 | Mullion Canopy
  • 16mm or 25mm Cellular Polycarbonate Panels
  • Traditional mullion system framing look.
  • Design with lighting for spectacular architectural appeal
  • Utilize various glazing panel widths, thicknesses and colors for unique light diffusion aesthetics
Series 3800 | Long Span Canopy
  • 25mm Cellular Polycarbonate Panels
  • Low profile pressure plate eliminates shadowing
  • Low profile polycarbonate end caps provide easy water flow in low pitch environments
  • System accommodates a wide variety of panels and options are selected based on project objectives
Canopy Structures
  • Design
  • Engineering services
  • Fabrication in steel and aluminum
  • Stamped drawings available in all 50 states
  • Installation services
  • BIM/REVIT available
  • Free consultation
Canopy Lighting
  • Canopy lighting package is recessed into the structural members
  • Options to light from the top down or illuminate the walkway with hooded light fixtures