Meet the Duo-Gardians

Duo-Gard is a leading innovator in high-performance translucent daylighting systems and strategies, illuminated walls and ceilings, as well as custom canopies, shelters and outdoor structures.

  • We custom design/build around your specs.
  • We create performance through technology integration.
  • We design, engineer, fabricate and install with the confidence that each product and solution we champion fosters harmony for every generation.

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Duo-Gard Focused Design Approach Video

You Dream It. We Build It.


The objective of our design team is to show you how to achieve your design goals in aesthetics, performance and economy. With this creative collaboration, our team reduces your costs while enhancing the performance and achieving the aesthetics so critical to your design.

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Our complimentary new daylight modeling service is for architects, designers and engineers who want to take a proactive approach with this critical component of sustainable design.

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The designer’s dream becomes reality in the shop. Will the finished system meet your expectations? We take steps to make sure it does in our multiple manufacturing locations within Michigan.

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Every Duo-Gard system is designed and engineered for easy installation by your team or ours. Some can be field-fabricated at the site. Some are shipped in prefabricated sections. Some will arrive completely assembled.

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Customer Reviews

ITP, Rapid Central Station ( James Vander Molen, AIA, LEED AP )
Omnifics PICT0145
"With Duo-Gard’s enthusiasm and spirit of experimentation, the partnership was tremendous…It was always about the possibilities with Duo-Gard…And they broadened possibilities for this project."
"These canopies help create a formal gateway to the stadium. We were looking for luminosity that would act as a visual foil to the steel and masonry."

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