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Reinventing the Parking Experience: Duo-Gard Industries and Elliott + Associates Collaborate to Create Chesapeake Energy’s Car Park 3

The structure was designed by the team at Elliott + Associates Architects in Oklahoma City. It covers 546,922 square feet with stalls for 1,439 vehicles. Car Park 3 features a 130,000-square-foot façade of translucent polycarbonate – the largest in North America – engineered by Duo-Gard Industries. Duo-Gard is a leader in high-performance glazing systems.

Ciena Corporation (Aliye Hampshire, Architect, BHDP, Cincinnati

“We’re concerned about collaboration…we like to work with companies that are flexible and willing to make changes to please the client…Duo-Gard’s bike shelters are very attractive and complement the overall campus look…there was economic justification too.”

Donaghey Plaza South ( Tom Adams, President: Wittenberg, Delony & Davidson )

“We liked Duo-Gard’s approach of putting structure and glazing into a single system, which proved economical and attractive. At night, the skywalk makes a striking connection between the buildings.”

Purdue Stadium (Mark Peters, AIA: HNTB Corp. of Kansas City, MO)

“These canopies help create a formal gateway to the stadium. We were looking for luminosity that would act as a visual foil to the steel and masonry.”

Village of Northfield (Stacy Sigman, Village Manager, Northfield, IL)

“We wanted something classic and timeless, yet modern and innovative…specific for Northfield…we thought this is perfect! Duo-Gard captured what we wanted and did a masterful job.”

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