Canopy Structures

With aluminum being the industry standard; Duo-Gard is well equipped to deliver. However, larger projects and heavier load conditions demand a robust structure. Enter, steel.

Duo-Gard keeps our steel yard and fabrication shop at the ready to take on any project in any environment. We not only design and fabricate, but also engineer custom solutions for each project. We provide complete turn-key steel or aluminum packages while collaborating with you every step of the way. We know that budgets can often dictate a design. To mitigate that, we offer in house engineering, a stocked steel and aluminum yard, fabrication, and installation. This helps keep the cost down and keeps your design at the forefront.

Our process begins in the Engineering Department. We calculate site-specific loading conditions that carry through to sizing structural steel and aluminum, connection details, and hardware while keeping the budget in mind. Duo-Gard offers stamped calculations and drawing packages to meet the demands of an ever-changing environment and help you through the submittal process.

From high winds to heavy snow loads, nothing stops Duo-Gard from forging ahead to deliver safe, efficient, and bespoke solutions for your project.

Hanger Rods

Duo-Gard has supplied off-the-shelf and custom fabricated hanger rods canopies for decades. The problem with off-the-shelf is it sometimes won’t meet a customer’s needs, desired aesthetics, or isn’t a viable and cost-effective solution for an architecturally exposed steel rod.

Duo-Gard has added a new hanger rod design to our standard product line. This is an architecturally exposed stainless steel product, fabricated in-house, can be installed with virtually any load condition, and is engineered to be extremely cost-effective. Duo-Gard hanger rods can be purchased individually as a product, or integrated into a ground-up canopy solution. Give Duo-Gard a call today to discuss your needs and we will work with you every step of the way.

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