Polycarbonate Technologies and Design Applications AIA CES Course

Course Description

How can we design with more effective daylighting for superior sustainability, enhanced aesthetics and greater efficiency by integrating translucent polycarbonate technology? This course demonstrates the benefits for designers, occupants and owners of the structures where we live, work, play and learn.  See why you should consider polycarbonate for daylighting, how to do it most effectively and what exceptional results you can achieve.

Learning Unit

Credit Designations:  LU|HSW

Course Format:  Instructor-led face-to-face

  • Learning Objective 1: Learn about the human relationship with daylight. This features studies on productivity, learning and health.
  • Learning Objective 2: Discover the methods used to create polycarbonate panels and the many performance options based on panel choices and availability.
  • Learning Objective 3: What are the must-have features in glazing systems designed specifically for polycarbonate?
  • Learning Objective 4: Using polycarbonate panels, how do we tie the technology to building performance, aesthetics, lighting and energy savings?
  • Learning Objective 5: Learn to design-in performance and reduce costs through the optimization of materials.
  • Learning Objective 6: Learn where to go for technical assistance to reduce your design costs and make certain your design meets your objectives.

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