Duo-Gard pioneered the smoking shelter industry more than 25 years ago and was awarded the first GSA contract for smoking shelters. Duo-Gard offers 77 standard sizes – from 4’ x 4’ to 16’ x 37’, but we can design any custom size and configuration your organization requires.


If you need a smoking shelter or smoking hut solution right away try our Ready Ship Shelters. Ready Ship Shelters are crated and ready to be delivered in 2 weeks!  We offer 2 roof styles and multiple sizes. Our team provides installation instructions and customer support from start to finish.  Contact us at 734-207-9700 or email info@duo-gard.com

Smoking Shelter | Gable Roof
  • Gable style is a popular, classic roof style
  • Come in a variety of durable materials.
  • Standing seam metal is the most popular material selection.
Smoking Shelter | Hip Roof
  • Hip roof style has a classic look
  • Custom colors are available in either powder coat or Kynar painted finish.
  • Structured polycarbonate, solid polycarbonate and solid acrylic.
Smoking Shelter | Flat Roof
  • Selected roofing material can include V Pan aluminum, 3″ aluminum clad insulated panels
  • A standard fascia/gutter system captures the water runoff and directs to the back of the shelter.
Smoking Shelter | Barrel Vault Roof
  • Our customers’ most popular selections due to its versatility, aesthetics, strength, durability and reasonable pricing.
  • Select from structural twin wall polycarbonate, solid acrylic solid, polycarbonate or standing seam metal.
Smoking Shelter | Dome Roof
  • We work with a variety of materials to ensure that the design and construction meet your aesthetic intent and the relevant building code requirements.
Smoking Shelter | Single Slope Roof
  • Single-slope roof are typically free-standing but can be attached to an existing structure
  • Wide variety of durable materials.
Smoking Shelter | Reverse Barrel Vault
  • Reverse barrel vault style is a newer roof style that has become increasingly popular
  • roofing material can include standing seam metal, structured polycarbonate, solid polycarbonate or acrylic and laminated glass
Smoking Shelter l Custom
  • Create a custom solution by selecting from our wide range of roofs styles, materials, configurations, layouts and sizes.
  • We can provide non-proprietary drawings and specifications for your bid or RFP package. 
Ready Ship Shelters
  • Crate and ready to ship within 2 weeks!
  • Multiple roof styles and colors