Translucent Interiors

Duo-Gard is a leading innovator in high-performance interior translucent walls and illuminated walls. Duo-Gard also specializes in sliding doors and decorative panels.

Our translucent walls provide a clean aesthetic appearance which also allows daylight to deeply flow into the space. We draw from world-wide technology and target the most fitting technology to your project so you never pay for features you don’t need. Duo-Gard’s team of experts is ready to assist you with your next project. Contact us at 734-207-9700 or email

illumaWall 1500 - Interior Walls

illumaWall 1500 - Interior Walls:

  • Tongue & groove continuous glazing translucent panels
  • Diffused light transmission
  • No mullions

Interior Sliding Door

Interior Sliding Door:

  • Complete polycarbonate sliding door system includes attachment hardware that can accommodate most existing conditions.
  • Fully fabricated prior to shipping
  • Solid polycarbonate framing material at a fraction of the weight aluminum or steel systems.

Decorative Panels

Decorative Panels:

  • Available in acrylic or polycarbonate panels
  • Standard or custom colors & sizes
  • Mounting – Stand-off, rod and cable systems available in a variety of finishes



  • 50,000 hour light life
  • Incorporates diffusion panel for even light distribution
  • Design flexibility with decorative panels & color choices