Bike Shelter | Oasis
  • This modular design comes easily customizable.
  • Made from heavy gauge steel.
  • You can customize the color for no additional charge
Bike Shelter I Parachute
  • A pre-engineered bike shelter. Available with a standard lighting package.
  • The Tnemic paint system has 3 coats including 2-part epoxy paint finish.
  • Readily available standard materials create this product.
Bike Shelter I Sol
  • A bike shelter that embodies the lines of nature.
  • Bike parking layouts are available.
  • The batten style room comes in opal, clear, bronze, or green or blue depending on availability
Bike Shelter I Arlington
  • Photovoltaic solar lighting packages available.
  • Arlington comes as either an open-air canopy or enclosed.
  • Roof can be opal, clear, bronze, or green and blue depending on availability.
Bike Shelter I Harbor
  • This model also comes either open or secured.
  • We provide custom colors with no extra charge.
  • The roof can be opal, clear, or bronze colored.
Bike Shelter | Apex
  • A bike shelter made from aluminum or steel tube framing.
  • The roof has a Kynar finish with a 25-year warranty.
  • You can choose a metal standing seam or gable style roof.
Bike Shelter I Butterfly
  • This unique model offers an artistic focal point to any location.
  • Choose your own custom colors for no additional charge.
Bike Shelter I Bike Depot
  • An interior bike parking system that comes fully enclosed.
  • It provides riders with safety and bike security.
  • This bike shelter adds value to your community.
Bike Shelter I Arch
  • The Arch Model has a state of the art design. Form follows function.
  • Bike parking comes built into the structure
Bike Shelter | Van-Gard
  • Create security and safety for bicyclists and their equipment.
  • The model comes with free parking plans.
  • You can choose from a variety of colors.
Bike Shelter I Sentinel
  • This bike shelter comes with an optional secure entry point.
  • You can choose the open model or the fully enclosed model.
  • Railing options are also available.
Bike Shelter | Sentry
  • The model comes in a variety of standard colors.
  • It provides an excellent opportunity for LEED points.
  • Safety glass lines the panels for extra security.
Bike Shelter | CycleStation™
  • Designed to facilitate your bicycle community.
  • A secure bicycle parking structure with solar options.
  • It can be a great source of extra revenue.
Bike Shelter I Haven
  • This model comes as an open-air canopy or enclosed.
  • The aluminum framing comes in uniform standard sizes.
  • Panels can include safety glass.
Bike Shelter I Spokes
  • A sleek bike shelter made from steel pipe.
  • The roof can come in opal, clear, or bronze color.
  • Its design is easily customizable.
Bike Shelter I Razor
  • Multiwall translucent polycarbonate, batten style
  • Custom color match available for no additional charge
  • Standard lighting packages available
Bike Shelter | Shed
  • Corrugated steel roofing option in galvanized or painted
  • Custom Mulitwall translucent polycarbonate
  • Photovoltaic solar lighting packages
Bike Shelter I Custom
  • These custom structures come at standard prices.
  • Each is designed by teams with years of experience.
  • “Custom” does not necessarily mean a custom price with Duo-Gard.
Secura-Gard System