Bike Shelters

Duo-Gard provides 17 pre-engineered standard bike shelter styles (listed below) featuring a variety of open-air and fully secured options. The sizes we offer are designed to maximize bike parking capacities based on best practices for effective bicycle parking and usage. We are the leading provider of custom bike shelters in North America and pride ourselves in our customization abilities and willingness to collaborate with our partners to reach their intended vision.

Concerned about bike safety? Duo-Gard is the pioneer in the development of secured bicycle shelters that protect bikes from weather, theft, and vandalism. We offer several fully enclosed, secured bike shelter models and accessories in varying levels of security to fit individual project needs.

AISC Certification: Duo-Gard is AISC certified which helps enhance cost, speed and quality.

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Oasis Bike Shelter

Parachute Bike Shelter

Pinnacle Bike Shelter

Cambridge Bike Shelter

Harbor Bike Shelter

Apex Bike Shelter

Butterfly Bike Shelter

Bike Depot

Arch Bike Shelter

Van-Gard Bike Shelter

Sentinel Bike Shelter

Razor Bike Shelter

Sentry Bike Shelter

Haven Bike Shelter

Sol Bike Shelter

Arlington Bike Shelter

Custom Bike Shelter

Shed Bike Shelter

Bike Cages

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