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Daylight Modeling

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Daylight Modeling

What is daylight analysis?

It is a computer simulation that allows design feedback and information sent to the design team in real-time on daylighting and thermal information. The GUI(3D parametric software) is linked to a validated analysis engine like radiance to create the simulation results. Daylight analysis allows information and ideas to flow as a design evolves and changes quickly.

Types of analysis

  • Daylight Factors
  • Daylight Autonomy
  • Annual Sun Exposure
  • WELL
  • Circadian Function
  • Renderings/Animations
  • Visualizations
  • Illuminance Calculation
  • LEED
  • BDSF

What is involved?

Send us your model or drawings for modeling.

What you need to know:

  • Location of the project.
  • What are your surfaces and fenestrations to be used in the model?
  • What are your questions regarding your building?
  • Are there any special conditions such as surrounding buildings or other features about the project that are notable.
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Duo-Gard provides 3rd party daylight modeling services through Environmental Light Sciences.

Environmental Light Sciences is a culmination of Tim Metcalfe’s life work of bringing sustainable, well-lit spaces to life. Focused on the human experience and how daylight creates a more productive environment, ELS looks at the whole group and the individual to meet there circadian needs as well as lighting requirements. Tim Metcalfe has a degree from the State University of NY in Engineering and has taken part in Executive Education at Harvard University, MIT, Parsons and many more. He was a presenter at the 2009 Radiance Conference and the 2012 National AIA on Daylight Modeling. In addition, Tim Metcalfe is a studio professor at the New School of Design.

Learn how Duo-Gard’s expert daylight modeling service will not only save you money and time but provide the best daylighting solution for your next project.

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