Bike Racks

Duo-Gard's extensive range of commercial bike racks are designed to cater for virtually every type of application you are likely to be encountered. Whether for use in above or below ground parking, for 4 or 400 bicycles, Duo-Gard has a bicycle rack suitable.  Bike racks are easily installed, long lasing, durable and economical.

AISC Certification: Duo-Gard is AISC certified which helps enhance cost, speed and quality.

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Standard Inverted U Square<br />BR11B/SBR11B

Standard Inverted U Square Fixed<br />BR11F/SBR11F

Inverted U Architectural Rounded<br>BR85B/SBR85B

Inverted U Architecture Rounded Fixed<br>BR85F/SBR85F

Inverted U Small Rack<br>BR475B/SBR475B

Inverted U Small Rack Fixed<br />BR475F/SBR475F

Parkland Poolside Bike Rack<br>BR902B/SBR902B

Compact Flat Pack 4 Bike Rack<br>CBR4SC/SCBR4SC

Compact Fully Welded Rack<br>CBR4SCTM/SCBR4SCTM

Lock Rack<br>BR14F/SBR14F

Omega Rack<br>BR00B OM/SBR00BOM

Venture Rack<br>BR131F/SBR131F

Dual-Height w/Tilt Ramp Rack<br>CBR2GSA

Dual-Height Manual 8 Bike Rack<br>CBR8M

Wall Mount Bike Rack<br>BR66F/SBR66F

Wall Mount Hanging Rack<br>BR542/SBR542

Vertical Hanging 2 Bike Rack<br>BR2101

Compact 6 Bike Rack<br>CBR6SC

Heart Bike Rack