Ready Ship Shelters

Ready Ship Shelters are crated and ready to ship! We offer multiple roof styles and sizes.  Our team provides installation instruction and customer support from start to finish. Current lead time estimates are 16-18 weeks due to supply chain disruptions.


Shelter framing is dark bronze anodized aluminum, 1/4" tempered glass wall glazing with dark bronze anodized aluminum slat bench and backrest. The Barrel Vault roof is designed with a multiwall polycarbonate material. The flat roof is constructed with white flat pan metal.

Please call our expert customer service team at 734.207.9700 or email us at to learn more.

Roof Style & Sizes

  • 5×10 Barrel Vault Roof
  • 5×10 Barrel Vault Roof with Front Wall
  • 6×12 Barrel Vault Roof
  • 6×12 Barrel Vault Roof with Front Wall
  • 5×10 Flat Pan Roof
  • 5×10 Flat Pan Roof with Front Wall
  • 6×12 Flat Pan Roof
  • 6×12 Flat Pan Roof with Front Wall

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