What is Polycarbonate?

Polycarbonate is a resin-based translucent thermoplastic, which can be manipulated for varied degrees of light transmission, aesthetic effects, and thermal control. Its hallow cell structure provides high-performance flexibility and energy efficiency. Available in cellular and also monolithic sheet, this lightweight yet durable material is ideal for translucent daylighting in vertical glazing, canopy and skylight applications.

Cellular Polycarbonate

  • Polycarbonate WILL NOT fracture – FRP will
  • There are many panel types on the market so we
    can control and manipulate performance levels
  • You do not have to settle on one-size-fits-all solutions

  • Sheet Thickness: 4mm to 60mm
  • Sheet Length: Up to 52 Feet
  • Impact Strength: 240 times the impact strength of glass

Sheet Types – Cellular & Monolithic

Cellular Sheets

Hollow cell structure provides energy efficiency

Super lightweight

Monolithic Sheets

Many different colors and finishes

Lighter than glass

UV Protection
UV Stabilization is coextruded into the panel

UV Protection
5 to 15 year warranty on color change and light

Fire Testing
ASTM – E84 – Class A for Cellular Panels
ASTM – D635 – CC1 rated – Self-Extinguishing

Fire Testing
ASTM – D635 – CC1 for monolithic panels self-extinguishing

Production Process

• Continuous sheets limited in length only by shipping methods and production space

•16mm triple-wall sheet extrudes at a rate of 2,000 square feet per hour

• Extrudes 600 LBS per hour

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