Bike Repair Stations

Duo-Gard has a range of bike repair and pump stations that are suitable for end-of-journey facilities, bicycle paths or any location where cyclists gather. They are designed to allow cyclists to position their bicycles conveniently above ground to carry out routine maintenance and repairs. All of these bicycle repair stations can be fitted with the optional tool package, tool baskets, and Bike Repair Station signage.

AISC Certification: Duo-Gard is AISC certified which helps enhance cost, speed and quality.

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Bicycle Repair Station - Type 1A<br>BBRS01A

Bicycle Repair Station - Type 1B<br>BBRS01B

Bicycle Repair Station - Type 2<br>BBRS02

High Security Station<br>BBRS09

Bicycle Pump Station<br>BPS01

Bicycle Tool Kit

Tyre Levers Steel

Tyre Levels Plastic

Adjustable Wrench

Multi-Purpose Tool

3-Way Socket Wrench

Chain Tool

Hex Wrench 4mm

Hex Wrench 5mm

Hex Wrench 6mm

Hex Wrench 8mm

Screwdriver Flat Head

Screwdriver Phillips Head

Socket Wrench

Foot Pump Assembly

Pressure Gauge Assembly

Hose Pump Assembly