Translucent Walls, Panels and Skylights

Duo-Gard's translucent polycarbonate walls, skylights and interior applications provide key elements for daylighting. The most significant daylighting benefit is diffused daylighting. Our infrared filtering technology eliminates 20% of the heat without sacrificing light transmission and is 100% recyclable.

AISC Certification:

Duo-Gard is AISC certified which helps enhance all three critical drivers: cost, speed and quality.

Duo-Gard provides a wide selection of translucent panel options depending on your specific project needs.  Duo-Gard’s team of experts is ready to assist you with your next project. Contact us at 734-207-9700 or email

Translucent Walls

  • Polycarbonate translucent walls
  • Tongue and Groove systems
  • Aluminum mullion systems
  • Panels choices
  • Technical data
  • Drawings and specification

Maximizer Skylights

  • Commercial Skylights along with Custom Skylight Options
  • High performance translucent polycarbonte panels
  • Light diffusion choices
  • Configuration choices
  • Technical data
  • Drawings and specification

Translucent Interiors

  • Product selections
  • Interior polycarbonate translucent wall system
  • Sliding doors
  • Decorative panels


  • An innovative interior/exterior translucent daylighting system that achieves design/build versatility, dynamic aesthetics and sustainability combined with unusual affordability.
  • A fully engineered light wall system that can be surface mounted with an aluminum profile of no more than 2.25 inches.

Translucent Daylighting Photo Gallery