Bus Stop Shelters

Duo-Gard designs and manufactures a full line of standard bus shelters and BRT shelters. At Duo-Gard, the standard doesn’t mean sacrifice. Choices in styles, sizes, and materials contribute to the achievement of even the most ambitious customer goals. Duo-Gard’s in-house engineering and fabrication capabilities in steel and aluminum ensure the long-term solutions our customers have a right to expect.

AISC Certification: Duo-Gard is AISC certified which helps enhance cost, speed and quality.

Experience the difference of Together by Design with Achieve 360°

Barrel Vault Roof

Bus Rapid Transit (BRT)

Custom Bus Stop Shelter

Dome Roof

Flat Roof

Gable Roof

Hip Roof

Single Slope Roof

Reverse Barrel Vault Roof

Ready Ship Shelters