Bike Rooms & Indoor Parking

Create a Bike Friendly Environment. Taking advantage of our Free Bike Parking Plan Services for indoor and outdoor applications.

AISC Certification: Duo-Gard is AISC certified which helps enhance cost, speed and quality.

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Standard Bike Rack - 2 Bike<br />BR11B

Bicycle Repair Station - Type 1A<br>BBRS01A

Bicycle Repair Station - Type 1B<br>BBRS01B

Dual-Height w/Tilt Ramp Rack<br>CBR2GSA

Horizontal Double - Galvanized<br>BSL18D/SBSL18B

Vertical Single 1 Bike Locker<br>BVLH1

Horizontal Single - Galvanized<br />BSL18S

Vertical Hanging 2 Bike Rack<br>BR2101

Bicycle Repair Station - Type 2<br>BBRS02

Inverted U Architectural Rounded<br>BR858/SBR85B

Compact Fully Welded Rack<br>CBR4SCTM/SCBR4SCTM

Compact Flat Pack 4 Bike Rack<br>CBR4SC/SCBR4SC

Compact 6 Bike Rack<br />CBR6SC

Wall Mount Hanging RAck<br />BR542/SBR542

Dual-Height Manual 8 Bike Rack<br />CBR8M

Spring-Loaded T-Handle Option

Omega Rack<br>BR00B OM/SBR00BOM

Wall Mount Bike Rack<br>BR66F/SBR66F