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Daylight Modeling Services

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Our complimentary new daylight modeling service is for architects, designers and engineers who want to take a proactive approach with this critical component of sustainable design.

What is daylighting?
The controlled use of natural light in and around buildings.

Why daylight a space?

  • Daylight availability
  • Occupant comfort
  • Productivity
  • Energy efficiency
  • Visual comfort
  • Health

Daylight Simulation

  • Is a service that allows architects to look at their designs in a virtual environment and make informed decisions and quick changes to their design
  • Ensure proper daylight criteria/conditions are met within the space (LEED, CHPS, etc.)
  • Validates design changes to clients
  • Is a service that shows the relationship between a building and the environment around it.

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Learn how Duo-Gard’s expert Daylight Modeling Service will not only save you money and time but provide the best daylighting solution for your next project!

Please contact Tim Metcalfe at or call Duo-Gard at 734.207.9700 for more information or to discuss your project.


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"The daylight modeling service allows clients to fine tune the daylighting design before installing the product. This saves not only money but time."

Tim Metcalfe
Director of Sustainable Technologies