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Bike Parking Considerations

Safety is a Top Priority

Duo-Gard has been very successful in being a quality solution provider over our 30+ year history.  When we created our first line of bike shelters in 2003, we quickly became immersed in the challenges facing the widespread implementation of better biking infrastructure.  We routinely try to understand our customers’ challenges, develop better innovations/solutions, and assist in finding ways to create an outstanding result.  It is important to be sensitive to the changing needs and to enabling outcomes that are quality, cost-effective and endure the test of time.  If we can continue to collaborate with our customers and clients to exceed their expectations, we will grow our products and services for our marketplaces.

Bike Shelter

Accommodate bike riders with safe, secure storage in specifically designed shelters and rooms from open to fully enclosed and secured. Choose from 18 standard shelter models or ask us about custom designs. Description for this block. You can use this space for describing your block.

Bike Parking

We specialize in Lockers, Repair Stations, Racks, Cages, Benches and more. With over 250 products and amenies available we are ready and equipped to help. Description for this block. You can use this space for describing your block.


Our new electronic Secura-Gard entry and management system is an exciting addition. Secura-Gard is a convenient app on your phone for users and includes a thorough administrative site for the owner-operator. Our Secura-Gard System can handle everything from Program Set-up and Management to Maintenance & Collection Fees Description for this block. You can use this space for describing your block.

Compact 4 Bike Rack Fully Welded
Compact 4 Flat Bike Rack
Compact 6 Bike Rack

Compact Bike Racks Provide High Density and High Security

Solve the two most critical issues in bicycle parking with Duo-Gard’s compact bike racks. Available in both a knocked-down model and a fully welded assembly, these racks provide the most compact and secure way to fit the most bikes in your space for a single level, horizontally parked option. “These racks offer the answer to the two common concerns we hear from our customers when planning effective and efficient bicycle parking:

How can we maximize our density and security?” says Sean McKnight, Duo-Gard’s bicycle infrastructure program manager. “And the economy of our knocked-down option saves on shipping costs, providing the perfect complement for those looking for the most cost-effective solution.”

Bike Parking Trends Today

by Mike Arvidson, Duo-Gard Executive Vice President

There are a lot of trends in play, but I think in the U.S. and Canada focus is on providing a safer infrastructure for biking and its use for transportation. There are significant strides being made in projects such as complete streets and protected bike lanes that are being implemented across North America. 

Bike Safety

I think these types of enhancements are one of the key improvements I am seeing for people who are using their bikes more: it’s all about the element of safety. No one wants to ride on a street where there’s a lot of inherent danger and distracted drivers – and that is a big deterrent for people using their bike to get from point A to point B. Cities are improving their infrastructure, and that’s where we fit in the mix.

Bike Security

We are providing the end-of-trip type facilities, so when you get to your destination there is a safe and secure place to keep your bike until you return.  Providing highly visible and effective infrastructure is making a difference in the advancement of biking as a mode of transportation.  Safety and security in biking are the primary targets of current advocacy and project implementation

What do these trends mean for the biking community overall?

In the short term, they provide safer use of bikes, along with the ability to enable biking to play a more dynamic role in day-to-day transportation.  In the future, biking will continue to evolve into a more high-profile and safer mode of transportation.  Although change seems slow, we have seen tremendous improvements in safety and a more defined interest in biking infrastructure.  The snowball is gaining momentum and it’s been an exciting ride being a small part of the overall improvements.  It has been rewarding to see the response to our bike shelters and their presence in the landscape.  The highly visible investment in long-term biking infrastructure creates attention that draws more people into biking and creates better pathways for biking as a mode of transportation.

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