Chicago to St. Louis High Speed Rail Line Features Duo-Gard’s New Alton Shelter

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Chicago to St. Louis High Speed Rail provides travelers with safer, faster, and more efficient modes of transportation. The new 284-mile railway features new stations, new locomotives, and new signals along the route. With trains moving at approximately 110 mph, passenger commute time is significantly reduced.

Duo-Gard was proud to contribute to this project, we designed and provided 8 new 7’ x 22’ shelters to complement the updated line. These shelters had 3/8" clear tempered glass walls and 9/16" laminated glass roofs. We’ve named this the Alton Shelter which will be added to our standard shelters in 2024.

Our new standard Alton Shelter features steel framing that is produced by Duo-Gard’s AISC certified fabricators and is finished with 3-part Tnemec epoxy paint with zinc primer undercoat.  The Alton model also includes stainless steel baseplate covers. The walls are available in point supported clear tempered glass and the roof is available in laminated glass or monolithic polycarbonate. This new standard model will be offered in a variety of sizes and is designed to be customizable to your specific project parameters.

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