Duo-Gard Creates Custom Bus Shelter from Standard Components

Customized bus shelters don’t always have to cost more. Using standard components, Duo-Gard’s designers and engineers can often make recommendations that result in shelters that cost less. The shelter pictured is a prime example.

It’s located in a small and thriving Midwest city, where the first bus line used a coach and horsepower – two when the weather was good, four when it was bad. And nobody dreamed of bus shelters back in the early 1900s. Well, maybe the riders dreamed but it would be decades before those dreams came true.

Today, like most cities, this one wanted to make a statement with its newest shelter. “The architect wanted something that would stand out, something that would reflect the city’s individuality,” says Kevin Chown, Duo-Gard’s Sales Manager – Outdoor Structures. “However, the project’s budget couldn’t accommodate his original vision, so we collaborated to achieve the desired aesthetics, performance and cost.”

Chown says the original design called for a 12’x26’ shelter. Based on the number of riders expected, Duo-Gard advised that a 10’x22’ shelter would work just fine. We pointed out that a gable roof would cost less than other designs under consideration. Because the architect preferred the look of minimal framing, we used stainless steel clips to secure the 3/8” tempered glazing in place. Aluminum framing and a standing seam metal roof ensure longevity, durability and low maintenance. Anodizing rather than powder coating lowered the cost while improving the durability and increasing the life expectancy.

The architect’s limestone retaining wall around the bottom perimeter of the shelter adds the desired distinctive aesthetic.

“We brought the project in for 25-30 percent less than a completely custom shelter would have cost,” Chown says.

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