Duo-Gard Durability Shows in Our Shelters

Any city that erects a series of bus shelters has an image to establish and maintain. Duo-Gard’s team makes that easier. And not just in the short term. Our shelters are manufactured to look good and work well for 25 – 30 years. There are good reasons for such durability.

For example, look at the shelter pictured. It’s more than 12 years old. Located in the City of Madison in Wisconsin, the shelter is one of seven installed around the city’s Capital Square. The shelters see heavy use by Madison’s transit riders and heavy abuse by the area’s harsh winters.

Duo-Gard’s durability is the result of several factors. Materials are one, of course. Done in a reverse barrel vault style, the 11’ x 26’ Madison shelters feature roofs of 20mm translucent multiwall polycarbonate, virtually shatterproof and maintenance-free. The glass walls feature a scratch-resistant surface, recommended by Duo-Gard. The aluminum framing features a TNEMEC painted coating, noted for its longevity.

Another factor is the experience and expertise of the Duo-Gard design, engineering, fabrication and installation team. Core members of the team have been collaborating since 1984.

“We enhance the design to suit the customer and to meet site-specific requirements for each region’s climate,” says Bruce Irving, engineering manager for outdoor structures. “There’s no skimping and no loopholes.”

Irving also cited the fabrication and installation crews’ contribution: “No matter how well-built a shelter is, if fabrication or installation is shoddy, it’s not going to hold up long term. Our team is trained in the intricacies of working with both multiwall polycarbonates and glass.”

If “How much will this cost?” is a customer’s first question, then “How long will this last?” comes in a close second. Duo-Gard’s team is proud to provide that 25 – 30 year time frame.

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