Duo-Gard Shelters Solve Airport’s Dilemma

How can you accommodate smokers and bikers who must share a small space? The car rental agency at an East Coast international airport did it with two shelters from Duo-Gard.

The company’s extensive and diverse product line enabled the agency to easily achieve three important objectives for their employees. Separate smokers and eliminate confrontations with non-smokers. Provide covered, protected parking for the growing number of employees biking to work. Accomplish this in a limited amount of space.

“Because of our expertise in planning and engineering outdoor structures, we’re able to meet unusual site challenges like this one easily and economically,” says Sean McKnight, Duo-Gard’s bicycle infrastructure coordinator.

The customer wanted to update an old existing smoking shelter with something more contemporary. Duo-Gard engineered a 7’ x 14’ shelter which includes a curving reverse barrel vault roof with overhang. With the roof of 6mm translucent multiwall polycarbonate in a sage green tint, complemented by custom anodized framing in champagne, the smoking shelter’s aesthetics are a dramatic departure from the previous box.

Located right next to it is Duo-Gard’s futuristic Oasis bike shelter, this one designed to accommodate 20 bikes. This shelter is one of Duo-Gard’s 14 standard models, all architecturally designed. The 12’ x 17’ shelter features the same curved, 6mm translucent polycarbonate roof in sage green to match the smoking shelter. A 32” overhang allows for parking for two additional bikes. Framing features a 3-coat Tnemec process.

This is the customer’s first bike shelter. “They took advantage of our counsel in bike parking space planning to maximize the shelter’s location,” says McKnight.

Duo-Gard’s commitment to meeting the growing challenges of bike parking and storage won the company an award as a Top 10 Product for 2016 from BuildingGreen, an independent information source for the environmental building industry.

As a pioneer and innovator in smoking shelters, bike shelters, canopies and walkways, Duo-Gard offers design, engineering, fabrication and installation services nationwide for a comprehensive range of outdoor structures.

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