Duo-Gard’s Bike Cage Secures Approval at Chicago Office Complex

Like many office buildings in Chicago’s East Loop area, One North State Street is enjoying a revitalization aimed at supporting tenants who want to attract and retain younger workers. The address includes two inter-connected structures of 11 and 16 stories built in the early 1900s.

Located near a new “L” station at the center of Chicago’s Loop, the historic structures boast architectural aesthetics including high ceilings and large windows. To keep pace with competing buildings, the owners were looking to add tenant amenities. One of the amenities recently requested by a new tenant was secure bicycle storage.

In providing this however, the owners did not want bicycle traffic inside the building, according to Nicholas Marino, property manager. “They told me to find a different way. We didn’t have much square footage to work with and decided to locate the storage in a small area with high ceilings near the loading dock,” says Marino. “In researching options, I found Duo-Gard and selected their bike cage as the best solution to fit as many bikes as we could in the limited space we had.”

The 13’x17’ cage is made of wire mesh walls, aluminum framing and a flat metal roof. It holds manual double-stack bike racks for 32 bikes. Security is provided by key-card access. The cage is one of Duo-Gard’s 250-plus biking products, services and strategies, says Lori Arvidson, outdoor structure sales. “We know that every bike parking situation is unique and requires special consideration,” she adds. “Our expansive line enables us to address this easily, and our complimentary bike parking space planning ensures success.”

Marino cites the bike cage as an economical and attractive alternative: “The tenants love it. They’re happy to have a secure place to lock up their bikes without being exposed to the public.”

Duo-Gard’s support for the growing bicycling community concerned about environmental sustainability and human health has earned the company an award as a Top 10 Green Building Product for 2016 by BuildingGreen, a leading independent information source.

Photos: Courtesy of Nicholas Marino