Duo-Gard’s Sleekline Canopy Enhances Striking Medical Facility

Starting as a stagecoach stop serving goldminers in 1850, today the City of Elk Grove is a progressive, cosmopolitan home to 170,000 Californians. It’s also home to the new Precision M.D. Cosmetic Surgery Center, designed by Coact Designworks and opened in 2018.

The center features a sweeping asymmetrical metal roof and a clean, contemporary curtainwall façade with floor-to-ceiling windows that flood the interior with natural light. To comply with local ordinances for covered parking, the center needed a canopy.

 “Dr. Khattab, the building’s owner, wanted to install a canopy that did more than just provide shade,” says architect Chris Ulrich, job captain, “but something unique like the building, something that would reflect and complement it.” Early in March, installation of Duo-Gard’s patented Sleekline canopy system will be complete. The high-performance, translucent system provides diffused daylight without glare and heat gain, doing that “very effectively,” according to Ulrich.

Located on the center’s west side, the canopy measures 42’ on slope by 44’ in length at a ½ :12 pitch. Glazing is 3/8” solid sheet monolithic polycarbonate in an opal tint. Framing is aluminum with a clear anodized finish.

Duo-Gard’s Sleekline system is engineered to provide architects with design flexibility, unusual aesthetics and high structural strength in a flatter, low-profile system suited to a clean, modern appearance. Free-flow panel ends have no channels that block water movement. This enables designers to create canopies for low-slope applications. The polycarbonate panels are shatterproof, providing additional protection for people below, as well as minimum maintenance.

“The canopy was part of the architectural design,” says Dr. Mahmoud Khattab, Precision’s owner, “and we wanted it for both protection and aesthetics. I’m pleased.”

“There has been great feedback regarding the canopy,” says Ulrich. “People think it looks great.”

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