Duo-Gard’s Standard Shelter Solutions Lead to Easy, Economical Success

Although Duo-Gard specializes in engineering custom shelters, not everyone wants or needs a custom structure. That’s why we provide a wide range of standard shelters for a wide range of applications. Architecturally inspired. Cost effective. Aesthetically appealing.

The shelter shown is a standard Duo-Gard model chosen for a shuttle stop by a Midwest firm that was looking for a streamlined, contemporary structure combining economy and visual style.

A popular Duo-Gard standard style, this shelter is 8’x16’ with an aluminum hip roof in bronze. Framing is clear anodized aluminum, and walls are ¼” tempered safety glass. An 8’ aluminum bench accommodates up to 16 employees. An open entry stands in the middle of the shelter’s front wall. The customer told us when the shelter arrived, their crew took it out of the box, installed it and “it worked perfectly and has been received very positively.”

“At Duo-Gard, standard doesn’t mean sacrifice,” says Michael Arvidson, executive vice president. “Choices in styles, sizes and materials contribute to the achievement of even the most ambitious customer goals.” He adds that Duo-Gard’s in-house engineering and fabrication capabilities in steel and aluminum ensure the long-term solutions our customers have a right to expect.

The shelter shown is just one among many, and we invite you to visit www.duo-gard.com to view an impressive gallery. And when you’re ready to discuss a higher standard in shelters, please talk with us at 734-207-9700.

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