Duo-Gard’s Variety of Polycarbonate Panel Options Creates Solutions

Duo-Gard’s fully engineered and warranted polycarbonate glazing systems will save you time and money on your next project. Our glazing systems are designed to accommodate the longest panel lengths and organic shapes in the industry, providing long continuous runs of polycarbonate panels in both cellular and monolithic sheets. This creates a solution without a step or break in the panels which creates potential leak points and snow or debris buildup and structural issues resulting in unplanned costs to the owner.

Turnkey Services
Duo-Gard’s certified installation crews handle, transport, and install longer sheet lengths anywhere in the country. Other manufactures have limitations on their panel lengths due to logistics and origin of the polycarbonate panels.
Our energy and cost efficient polycarbonate systems are dry glazed and do not require glue or adhesives for the system’s structural integrity, leading to a longer lifespan. Duo-Gard’s systems do not require maintenance after installation compared to other manufacturers that often need to have their exterior panels reconditioned or replaced, leading to future costs for the owner.

Additional Polycarbonate System Benefits
• Polycarbonate can withstand extreme temperatures making it safer to use in building construction rather than glass and fiberglass products
• Polycarbonate panels are co-extruded with a UV inhibitor to offer a higher level of UV protection and prevent discoloration
• Polycarbonate is a high impact resistant material and does not break like a typical glass lite
• Polycarbonate sheets have become very popular because of its extreme durability and resistance to harsh conditions; especially when compared to glass or fiberglass products
• Our glazing channels are designed to accommodate panel expansion and contraction
• Polycarbonate is ideal for pie shaped canopies
• Multiple thicknesses, colors and glazing options are available in both cellular and monolithic polycarbonate sheets
• In addition to our standard and custom colors, Duo-Gard partnered with 3form to provide our Fusion color options resulting in over 100 custom, specialty colors
• Duo-Gard’s Sleekline canopy is a patented system

Collaborate & Create
Over over 35 years Duo-Gard has proven to be an industry leader in innovation and creativity, while maintaining an unprecedented approach to customer service. We look forward to our future collaboration and making your vision a reality.

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