Glazing System & Design AIA CES Course

Course Description

Today’s Architect/Designer has some important decisions to make when it comes to fenestration systems within the building envelope. Energy efficiency of the glazing system and quality of daylight entering the interior environment plays a large role in user comfort. Evaluating the correct fenestration system to use before the building is constructed can not only save time but money in both the initial design and over the building life cycle.

Learning Unit: 1
Delivery Provider Name: Duo-Gard Industries, Inc.
Credit Designations: LUHSW
Course Format: Instructor-led face-to-face
Contact Us: 734.207.9700

Learning Objective 1: What is cellular polycarbonate? How is it manufactured? What are its characteristics? How does it perform for: fire, impact, NFRC?

Learning Objective 2: Differences between cellular polycarbonate and other complex fenestration systems such as FRP, glass, solid sheet and glass block.

Learning Objective 3: To illustrate different ways to analyze materials to help decide which one is best for your geographic location and product needs.

Learning Objective 4: How to specify complex glazing options to maintain the best possible results.

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