Maximizer Skylight From Duo-Gard Integrates Energy-Saving Technologies for Top Performance

“Designers across the country no longer have to settle for one-size-fits-all in a unit skylight. Maximizer lets them pick and choose the desired performance in light transmittance, insulating value and energy efficiency, regardless of their climatic region”

“This skylight brings unmatched versatility and savings in daylighting, one of green building’s prime factors,” said David Miller, president of Duo-Gard. “Maximizer’s integration of technologies provides designers with exceptional interchangeability, enabling them to select the level of daylighting performance and the desired ROI that best suits each project.”

Maximizer’s clear acrylic dome covers a panel of insulating 25mm translucent multiwall polycarbonate glazing with high diffused light transmittance. Adding optional Lumira™ aerogel (formerly called Nanogel) in the glazing’s walls doubles the insulating value and adds additional diffusion. Another option is a transparent coating filter that significantly reduces heat gain from infrared rays and eliminates UV rays, yet maintains visible light transmittance. All three technologies add up to top performance in skylighting, resulting in exceptional savings in building operations.