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Duo-Gard’s New AIA Continuing Education Presentation – Earn LU|HSW Credit

New developments happen every year in our industry. In the same vein as staying current, continuing education also helps advance the industry as a whole. It ensures that every architect is aware of relevant developments in the field. Duo-Gard collaborates with architects and design professionals on a daily basis and strives to share knowledge and provide information that contributes to the AIA goals of a well-educated membership base.

Duo-Gard offers a new AIA continuing education presentation with an HSW credit, Polycarbonate Technologies and Design Applications. HSW is Health, Safety and Welfare, as an HSW credit, the program must address knowledge intended to protect the health, safety and welfare of the occupants as defined herein:
Health: aspects of practice that improve the physical, emotional and social well-being of occupants, users and any others affected by buildings and sites.
Safety: aspects of practice that protect occupants, users and any others affected by buildings or sites from harm.
Welfare: aspects of practice that enable equitable access, elevate the human experience, encourage social interaction and benefit the environment.

Benefits of Translucent Daylighting

This course demonstrates the benefits of translucent daylighting for occupants and owners of the structures where we live, work, play and learn. Brush up on the human relationship with daylight by reviewing studies on productivity, learning and health.

We will explore the methods used to create polycarbonate panels and the many performance options available. It teaches architects and designers about how polycarbonate technology integrates those performance options into today’s designs. You will understand the differences between polycarbonate and other glazing materials including the important design features of the glazing systems. Grasp the use of translucent daylighting for superior sustainability, enhanced aesthetics and greater efficiency. Polycarbonate offers the most advanced technologies and ground breaking solutions for consideration based on geographic climates and/or specific applications.

Michele Kosciolek, Duo-Gard’s Design Development Manager, leads the charge along with our exclusive representative groups, scheduling this presentation throughout the United States. We can offer a lunch & learn or breakfast presentation, but we are flexible if you would like another time slot. We are happy to accommodate AIA or CSI events as well.

If you would like to schedule one of our team to present our CEU please contact Michele at michele@duo-gard.com. And if you don’t necessarily need the AIA certified presentation, don’t worry, we have other presentations available. Just let us know what you are looking for.

We welcome the opportunity to schedule a visit and look forward to meeting your team!

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