Translucent Skylight l Maximizer

Maximizer Skylight


Your specific climatic region. Achieve a perfect match.

Duo-Gard’s new Maximizer produces unprecedented performance in translucent daylighting with energy efficiency and design versatility. Starting with a standard acrylic daylighting dome, Maximizer allows designers to integrate up to three advanced technologies to achieve today’s top performance and results in operational savings.


Technology Components

  • 25mm multiwall polycarbonate panels provide insulation & light diffusion
  • Lumira aerogel doubles the insulation & enhances diffusion
  • IR filter coating reduces heat gain, eliminates infrared & UV rays


Technology Interchangeability

  • Consider 6 Maximizer models & choose your combination of components
  • Collaborate with our in-house design/engineering staff to develop the most effective skylighting strategy, calculate your energy savings & your return on investment
  • Select the combination that best suits your project

Speak with our product specialists today and learn how we can construct the specific system package that works best for you. Contact our team today at 734.207.9700.


Technology Integration

  • Tailor the technologies to fit your region & your goals
  • Ensure top performance for your region with NO wasted features
  • Achieve a building-integrated approach
  • Balance performance wanted with ROI expected
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