Maximizer Custom Skylight

Duo-Gard's Maximizer custom skylights are engineered, fabricated and installed to your specification. We can integrate advanced technologies to achieve today’s top performance and results in operational savings.

Custom Skylight Features

  • Choose your combination of components, sizes and shapes that best suit your project
  • Insert performance panels to add to light diffusion and thermal values
  • 25mm multiwall polycarbonate panels provide insulation & light diffusion
  • Lumira® Aerogel offers increased performance values and enhances diffusion
  • IR options available to reduce heat gain, eliminates infrared & UV rays
  • Collaborate with our in-house design/engineering staff to develop the most effective skylighting strategy, calculate your energy savings & your return on investment

Speak with our product specialists today and learn how we can construct the specific system package that works best for you. Contact our team today at or 734.207.9700.