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Secured Access Bicycle Management System

Bike Room Access via Mobile App

  • Reservation Access
  • Payment
  • Receipts
  • Location
  • Information
  • Help
Iphones 2 300x273

Bike Room Software for Administration and Reporting

  • Built-in Payment
  • User List
  • Access Control
  • Usage Stats & Analysis
  • Reports
Desktop1 1 300x250

The Ultimate Secured Access Bicycle Management System for Property Managers, Commercial Property Owners & Municipalities!

Our Secura-Gard System can handle everything from Program Set-up and Management to Maintenance & Collection Fees. Please call our expert customer service team at 734.207.9700 or email us at to learn more.


Locking Hardware

  • We can work with your existing electronic lock
  • Or upgrade you to an electronic lock